Chase Online Banking

Chase Online Banking

The Chase online banking website offers an attractive, slick face of choices where one can click on sections entitled online bill pay, account alerts, a chase QuickDeposit section, a chase person-to person QuickPay section and paperless statements section. Above those sections is a button entitled Why Chase and a log in or enroll button. At the top of the webpage and the bottom are various links to other sections of the website.

Quite frankly, I find the Chase online banking website rather disorganized and confusing. I feel somewhat lost and disoriented due to ambiguous titles and due to a somewhat fuzzy design setup. When I click on the major titled sections on the home page I am taken to more titled sections that leads me to wonder if I am really where I ought to be. My sense of banking order yearns for a list or description of where I click and it will take me where I want to go.

There is a section on the home page that says “Enroll Now” but it does not clearly state in what I am to be enrolled. When I click the button I still do not have enough information. I clearly see the word fraud, but I am not sure if I want to continue, as I thought perhaps I would be registering in order to become an online customer or some similar activity. I am now very cautious and uncertain. This is not a good emotional place to be for a potential customer of Chase.

At this point I seriously wonder why anyone would consider this website to have any value at all for the use as a doorway into Chase online banking. I wonder if they are this disorganized at their physical banking locations. I wonder if it would be possible that they might actually lose my money, if they can’t even design a website that normal people can navigate.

chase online banking

Chase Online Banking

Suddenly, I discover a small link near the bottom of the page entitled “Sign Up Now For Online Banking”. How did I miss this link? I think it became lost in all of the other minutia on the home page. When I clicked this link I was taken to a page requesting sensitive information such as my social security number, any account number of the bank that I might have, and a phone number where I could be contacted.

At this point I am not too impressed. The whole process has been an exercise in futility so far and I am less than impressed. I wonder why the signup button was not more clearly marked so I would not have to go through a bunch of other pages.

Oh well, by this time I am thoroughly so unimpressed I have decided not to enroll in the Chase online banking website. If it is this much trouble attempting to gain access to a process that should be relatively simple, how difficult will it be to actually deal with the real people of the bank? I think I will just find a different bank.